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LION Webinar 11: Local news revenue from email newsletters; Wrap your news business around a profitable email edition

In business, sometimes the answer is staring you in the face.

It's safe to say that a lot of web-based news organizations attempt to chase a 24/7 news cycle simply because they publish on the Internet. This can be problematic for one- or two-person operations and lead to burnout. You can't be a 24-hour news operation by yourself while also maintaining a steady effort to build revenue.

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LION Webinar 10: Native advertising for small news organizations

Native advertising is too valuable for independent publishers to ignore in today's independent news marketplace, where display advertising faces a slew of growing challenges. That was part of the message from Jaci Smith and Scott Brodbeck during Thursday's LION webinar, the 10th in the group's monthly series.

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LION Webinar 8: How Independent Publishers Can Survive Ad Blocking

Travis Smith of Hop Studios in Vancouver says the best way news publishers can deal with ad blockers cutting into their revenue is to reduce the friction by making sure ads load quickly and effectively.

Smith, a journalist and former web editor for both Variety and the Los Angeles Times, is president of Hop Studios and was the guest speaker Tuesday for a webinar titled, "How Independent Publishers Can Survive Ad Blocking" from the LION Publishers. Tuesday's was the eighth webinar in the series launched by LION this year.

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LION Webinar 7: Podcasting and Online Radio for Local News Sites

Scott Schaefer, founder and editor of South King Media and a network of local news sites in Washington state led by the B-Town Blog, operates a 24/7 online radio station - SoKing Internet Radio - side-by-side with his news operation. 

SoKing Internet Radio plays local music and also now includes a weekly "hyperlocal" news podcast. Thus far he has generated more than 3,000 downloads and is working on the launch of daily podcasts and on-demand programming.

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LION Webinar 6: Engaged Journalism and Financial Sustainability

Jake Batsell, author of Engaged Journalism: Connecting with Digitally Empowered News Audiences (Columbia University Press), joins the LION Publishers for a webinar on and describes five areas in which any journalist or news organization can self-assess their efforts in journalistic engagement, based on his recent visits to more than two dozen news organizations in the United States and United Kingdom.

Batsell also spoke at the remarkable success of the Texas Tribune, which appears to be leading the way in building revenue through face-to-face events with readers.

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LION Webinar 5: Crowdfunding Local Journalism

Crowdfunding has become an increasingly important source of financial support for independent local journalism, and can also strengthen a news site's connection to and engagement with readers and the community. 

Three LION members  --  Brian Wheeler of Charlottesville Tomorrow, Dylan Smith of the Tucson Sentinel, and Traven Rice of The Lo-Down in New York City's Lower East Side  --  spoke July 8 about their successes and failures with crowdfunding special projects, new technology, and even an additional reporter.

The webinar was the fifth in LION's monthly series.

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LION Webinar 1: What Happened to My Facebook Reach?

Lisa Yanick-Jonaitis, community engagement editor at The Morning Sun in Michigan, discusses Facebook's ever-changing adjustments to the "organic reach" of posts and how to develop a "voice" in your Facebook presence that will drive more referral traffic and engagement with your site. Hosted by Matt DeRienzo and Doug Hardy. Read more »