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Thanks for paying your dues as a member of LION Publishers! You can pay your dues via credit card/Paypal and continue taking part in the nation's only professional network of Local Independent Online News Publishers.

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Annual dues

Regular dues for Publisher Members are $150 per year. Save up to 40 percent with multi-year pre-paid discounts:

  • $270 for 2 years: 10 percent discount
  • $360 for 3 years: 20 percent discount
  • $450 for 5 years: 40 percent discount

Dues for other membership levels:

  • Provisional Members: $50
  • Associate Members: $75 (dues are waived for one Associate Member from each organization headed by a Publisher Member)
  • Academic members: $150 ($50 undergraduates)
  • Supporters: $75
  • Honorary Members: $0


Full Publisher Members must meet LION's membership criteria. All member candidates must be approved by the membership committee. If you have not done so, please submit a membership application.

Other membership categories

Partner Publishers: Full Publisher Members who have a business partner can grant access to LION discussions to that partner. As with the one Associate Member per Publisher Member, dues are waived for Partner Publishers.

Provisional Members: Non-voting members who are Publishers of startup organizations (generally, those in operation less than one year) who otherwise meet the requirements for full membership. Provisional Membership is subject to review and approval by the Board. Provisional Members may apply for review to become full Publisher Members after one year.

Associate Members: Non-voting Associate membership is open to staffers who work for organizations headed by LION Publisher Members.

Academic Members: Non-voting members, including faculty, staff, students, and researchers from colleges, universities and other academic institutions.

Supporting Members: Non-voting members who support the organization's mission.

Honorary Members: The Board of Directors may designate individuals who do not qualify under the foregoing categories as honorary members, using such criteria as the Board may develop.