The deadline cometh: Catch the procrastinator's special on LION Summit tickets!

By Dylan Smith | Oct. 1, 2018

Sunday night was supposed to be the last chance to sign up for the 2018 LION Summit at super-affordable regular registration rates.

Monday, late registration was scheduled to kick in.

The savvy reporter in you has noticed the use of the past tense.

That's right: because those of us on the LION Board of Directors are journalists just like you, and because we understand that even though reporters are are motivated by deadlines, sometimes they blow right past them, we're extending regular registration rates for one more business day.

tl:dr Don't despair: you've got until Monday night to save a few bucks

Register for the 2018 LION Summit in Chicago

We're already on track to have our best-ever gathering of local indie publishers, and we want as many LIONs as possible to be able to take part. We still have room for more voices in the conversation in just a couple of weeks in downtown Chicago, Oct. 11-13.

The nut graf: We're holding ticket prices at just $130 for LION members and $275 for non-members through Monday night. After that, late registration rates will kick in, and prices will go up $25-30. At the door, they'll be even more. You'd be nuts to wait any longer.

Register now, before you get distracted by another great breaking news tip: http://www.lionpublishers.com/conference/register

Even at the regular non-member rate of $275, the 2018 LION Summit is a great deal: three days of networking with scores of indie publishers, informative sessions led by members and industry experts, plenty to eat and drink (we're springing for breakfast and lunch, and hosting receptions Thursday and Friday nights), and the opportunity to share your own hard-won expertise with colleagues who will value it. And LION members get more than half off that rate!

So, beat that deadline: Monday night. And we'll see you in Chicago very soon!

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