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Local online news sites talk membership programs as key new revenue source

To build a paid reader membership program, publishers need to establish a relationship with their audience, grow the number of subscriptions, and -- most importantly -- take the leap and ask for money, News Revenue Hub chief Mary Walter-Brown said Oct. 28 at the 2017 LION Summit in Chicago, the country's largest gathering of local independent online news organizations. Read more »

A 'small-batch digital magazine' fills a local news hole in Texas

Tasneem Raja is the driving force behind The Tyler Loop, a news magazine out of deeply red East Texas, and she explains it best: "We're a new ‘small batch’ digital magazine for Tylerites who want to better understand our beautiful, complicated, evolving city. We'll be posting a few meticulously crafted stories each month. Sign up for our newsletter below and never miss a story!" Read more »

Journalists warned: ‘We cannot be ignorant of our privilege’

Journalism and truck driving have a lot in common: Both professions have had requirements for hiring that make it tough to break in if you haven’t followed a traditional path. LION Summit speaker Heather Bryant made the comparison in recalling a widely read and discussed column/rant she wrote and posted over the summer. Read more »

Collaboration Can Be a Win-Win for News Sites

In an era when journalists are often stretched thin, collaborative arrangements – formal or informal – may be the best way to increase reach, diversity, influence, and credibility, said a panel of experts who spoke at the 2017 LION Summit on Friday. Read more »

Vote on best of 'great ideas' at 2017 LION Summit

One of the most popular sessions at the annual LION Summit is "40 Ideas in 40 Minutes," where local publishers share specific ideas that have worked in their news organization that could be tried by others. Check out the video below if you missed it, and please vote on your favorite idea. The winning publisher will receive a $100 gift card. Read more »

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