LION Summit

Lightning talks: Restoring trust, Tyler Loop, Advertising & user experience

10:30 — 11:25 a.m., Film Row Cinema

Lightning talks are a series of quick, focused presentations — roughly seven minutes long, each followed by seven minutes of open Q&A on the topic.

How local news can restore trust in journalism

Tracie Powell, of All Digitocracy and a member of the LION Publishers Board of Directors, will speak on the crucial role that neighborhood-level local news coverage will play in restoring the credibility of journalism at a critical time for our country, and how it’s key to audience development for local independent online news sites.

The Tyler Loop

Tasneem Raja will discuss how journalists with national news backgrounds take an alt-weekly, data-savvy approach to local independent online news in an increasingly diverse Texas community.

Advertising and user experience

Ezoic’s Gavin Bechtold will discuss the correlation between user experience and digital revenue. He will highlight just how these two elements inexorably tied. Gavin will show which metric and markers are indicative of good user experiences and how this increase visitor value to advertisers both directly and programmatically. Lastly, Gavin will finish with a real world case study of how this all works in the real world.