LION Summit

Beyond buzzwords: Startup challenges & growing healthy businesses

7:30 — 8:30 p.m., Lobby

Over a few drinks, a group discussion of what attendees are looking to learn. In a reprise of our annual "getting to know you" discussion: beyond repeating the usual patter about the future of news, let's dig into the challenges and rewards of running a local news operation. Let's talk startup hurdles and the paths to building a healthy business while doing great work.

Be prepared with "Three Quick Words" about what you hope to share and learn at the conference.

One of the foundations of the LION summit is that "Everybody talks." Researchers at MIT and Carnegie Mellon have demonstrated that the collective intelligence of a group increases if everyone speaks about a topic. We're all at the conference to hear from experts and entrepreneurs, but each of us has insight and experience that is valuable for the discussion. While the increasing size of our conference makes it more difficult to expound at length during the introductions, a quick statement of your name, site/organization and three words about why you're joining us will help other attendees know who you are, and help lay out the priorities for our conversations during the summit.