Speaker profile

Kathy Hashbarger

Kathleen lives with her family in Edmonds Washington, where the maritime climate keeps everything green and the Salish Sea skirts the town’s western boundary. She’s actively involved with the local community, practices yoga, and sits on the board of Clothes for Kids, a non-profit that provides wardrobes for school age children.

She holds a BA in Interdisciplinary Studies – Culture, Literature and The Arts, with a Minor in Human Rights from the University of Washington.

She started her professional life working for two decades as a dental assistant in specialty and general practices. She then took a divergent turn to work for a company that contracted to build and re-hab broken websites. She and her team provided clients with up to the minute search engine optimization (SEO) and compliance with the latest Google updates. Using content to optimize websites and enhance digital presence became her specialized niche.

Later as the marketing manager for a local, high-end home remodeling company, she streamlined and integrated their marketing program with an optimized web presence and broad multi-channel marketing plan. The channels she built out for the company included Facebook, Twitter, Houzz, LinkedIn, Pinterest, targeted print – flyers and brochures, and the creation of a blog.

Her central guide in formulating marketing communication then and now has been based on how to best enhance relationships and user experience. She uses analytics as an essential support to targeted marketing. This is particularly important in her present position as a digital ad sales specialist.

Her work with the My Neighborhood News Network, a publisher of local digital news, is intently focused on developing authentic client relationships. The sectors she works with include non-profits, private businesses, entertainment venues and those that provide professional services. As divergent as these sectors are, she falls back on something that someone instructed years ago, “They don’t care what you know until they know you care.”