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Led Black

Led Black is a writer, blogger, social media expert and widely respected influencer. Led Black is the founder of www.UptownCollective.com, which has established itself as the voice of Uptown Manhattan online. Since taking Professor Sree Sreenivasan’s Social Media course at Columbia University in 2010, Led Black has shrewdly used social media to make Uptown Collective a highly esteemed and indispensable resource. The Uptown Collective is one of a few very select blogs that are featured in the blogroll of the City Rooms section of the NY Times. The Uptown Collective was selected to Brick Underground’s Top NYC Neighborhood Sites of 2016 and 2017.

Led Black was selected to the 2013 Class of Latino Trailblazers by DigiBunch, one of the nation’s most influential Hispanic communities online. In 2014, Led Black was chosen as a founding member of the Ford Millennials team. Ford Millennials is an important initiative from Ford en Español that selects young and emerging Latino influencers from across the country and helps to nurture their growth and development. In 2015, Led was named the Upstanding Person of the Year by the Up Theater Company. Besides overseeing the various social media platforms of the Uptown Collective, Led Black has lent his social media expertise to several film projects as well as local businesses and organizations. Led Black is currently the Social Media Manager for the Manhattan Times and the Bronx Free Press. His work has been featured on CNN, Huffington Post, Remezcla and Being Latino among many other outlets.