Mission & values

Building the future of local news

The LION board and staff, top row, Uriah Kiser, Teresa Wippel, Steve Beatty, Glenn Burkins, Dylan Smith, Scott Brodbeck, Doug Hardy, Matt DeRienzo, Jay Allred; bottom row, Tracie Powell, Suzanne McBride, Kim Clark, Rose Hoban, Kelly Gilfillan, Charlotte-Anne Lucas

Our mission

Foster the viability and excellence of locally focused independent online news organizations and cultivate their connections to their communities through education and action.

Our values

We share a passion for quality journalism and a determination to focus our energies on the health of our online publications as businesses, whether for profit or nonprofit.

We approach our tasks with an entrepreneurial spirit and a belief that individually and collectively we are setting the pace for a new era of local news publishing.

We are dedicated to championing the local online news industry, in the firm belief that independent publishers are establishing the template for successful local digital news organizations - just as independent publishers did for print newspapers in the 19th century.

We declare the best strategy to ensure that local communities are served by quality professional reporting is the promotion and support of local independent online news publishing.

We are committed to strong local independent journalism, whether in small towns or big cities, to tell the stories that reflect their residents and build a sense of place, and to shine an informative light that allows citizens to make wise decisions. The Internet is worldwide, but every neighborhood's story is individual.

Our committment to maintaining a safe, respectful, productive, inclusive, welcoming and harassment-free experience for everyone is expressed in our Code of Conduct.

Our strategic goals

  • To identify and implement successful strategies for maintaining and expanding the sustainability, readership and community impact of our members' organizations
  • To pool knowledge and resources, promote collaboration, and leverage economic opportunities as a group
  • To lead technological and operational innovation to advance efficiency and quality in our industry
  • To uphold high professional standards, identify best practices and support members through education, and recognize excellence in local online reporting
  • To advance the case for strong local independent online journalism and represent membership interests in the public sphere
  • To found and develop a stable, financially sustainable organization that serves member publishers, their staffs, local communities and the broader industry